How 2 piroshki

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Found this picture of Kitty from winter.

Found this picture of Kitty from winter.

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There’s secret proof today that Alette is telepathic.
Also, I’m really terribad at leaving updates places when I post new pages or art places and I didn’t leave updates anywhere for the past couple of weeks. I am working ont i^i I post new pages every Friday though :>


There’s secret proof today that Alette is telepathic.

Also, I’m really terribad at leaving updates places when I post new pages or art places and I didn’t leave updates anywhere for the past couple of weeks. I am working ont i^i I post new pages every Friday though :>

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“What Schizophrenia Sounds Like”

For the last couple of weeks I have been looking up information about the mental illness, schizophrenia for a research project for my psychology class. During my research I found an interesting project that some scientists had put together called, “What Schizophrenia Sounds Like.” After interviewing many people with this illness the scientists compiled a short clip of what a schizophrenic might hear during an episode, or just day to day. I listened to this from my laptop speakers, not the recommended head phone approach (Which I’m glad that I did!) When I pressed play on this sound clip I instantly got chills and had to turn down the volume before proceeding. Honestly, it creeped me out to the point where I had to turn something funny on the TV to keep from weirding myself out. This sound clip really is interesting. Have a listen!

My schizophrenic friends will have to tell me if this relates to their experiences at all :o!

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A bunch of makeup concepts for a culture in our comic universe, Wayfaring Strangers. They’re in an ancient, mostly underground city in the tundra where there’s basically no sun ever. They combat the oppression of their environment by painting and decorating EVERYTHING with pastels and other bright colors. Men tend to wear gradients and women wear a few sharper shapes. Men are expected to be more put-together and flamboyant in this culture, fashion is overall catered towards them, but it’s socially acceptable for women to wear most of what’s made for men. Pretty much everyone is dressed really nicely here, partly because it’s just the social standard and partly because their production and exports focus on luxury goods, linens and jewelry, so they have a lot available.

Women are mostly relegated to the home, with any workforce presence heavily leaning towards business ownership, but are by far in the place of power in society. Not only is it a polyandrous culture, men cannot own property and are by and large dictated by either the local religious or governmental institutions, or the women in their lives. Men are overall viewed as violent, impulsive and fairly incapable of making sound decisions. They aren’t offered a lot and are the primary labor force, but they generally have less daily responsibilities because they’re basically just expected to bring in money (which is all given their wives or mothers who budget it; men are property of these women and any earnings are their property, too), keep their emotions in check, and be pretty. 

Also, these were all referenced from mug shots, so if you happened to be a criminal from roughly prohibition era or had a mug shot recently uploaded on the smoking gun, congrats, I painted you, gave you a new haircut, and very likely changed your skin color.

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New page HERE

New page HERE

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New character mod for Don’t Starve; WISP: the whiny, old stray cat

Download Steam | Download Klei

RoG compatible! Adorable custom sounds!

Health - 75
Hunger - 100
Sanity - 150 (drains slower at night)
Fast and painful kitty claw attacks!

Like all cats, she really eats only meats and she doesn’t really care what kind of meat that is. And like most cats, she has a fluffy coat of fur that keeps her warm, sometimes too warm. She doesn’t start out with any food to tide her over the first couple of days, so you’d better get hunting; on the upside, she doesn’t need the same mental assurance of humans.

This mod WILL gain two more characters in the future. Partly because they’re easy enough to make and partly in hopeful preparation for future multiplayer capability. Who doesn’t want to play as a hoard of wild cats with their friends? If I can and for the sake of convenience, they WILL be a part of this mod instead of separate posts (but idk if I can actually swing that). 

Check out my other character mod, Devon, here: 

Download Steam | Download Klei

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my friend told me to watch this cooking video while listening to sad music. so i mixed a little something for you all

I am 100% convinced that he saw 3 to 6 people die just before making this.

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Some rough concepts from a music video I’m working on for small Australia-based goth band, Darkness Visible.
I seem to just be goin’ right back into my teen-hood (although, admittedly and thankfully, with far less anime).

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Introducing the Social Intelligence Test! From what I can tell, it’s sponsored by Harvard and it’s rather interesting. The basis is you look at pictures of people going through different emotions and decide what emotion they’re feeling. The trick is, you can only see their eyes.

How well can you read people? I never thought I was good at it, but I scored rather high on this test. It was a very interesting experience! I highly recommend taking this!

13 out of 36…

23 out of 36

Your score on this test was 30 out of 36.

31 out of 36, nice

29 / 36

I got the same, but honestly, at least a quarter of my answers were guesses. Also, I’m p sure Keanu Reeves was in there.

32 out of 36.

Better than I expected, actually.

34 of 36 :O!

Now go help further this study!

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Don’t Starve kitty character pack mod! 
Klei Forums Download | Steam Workshop Download

They have custom sound and speech unique to each character, are Reign of Giants compatible as well as base game compatible, and look fucking cute in hats. 

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Useful software and things for digital artmaking



Raster Image Editors (painting, drawing, editing)

Photoshop - Get CS6 or earlier if you can, since adobe moved to a dumbass subscription pay model. You won’t ever need another image editor. Alternatives like GIMP are OK, but this is worth the money if you wanna get serious. The great thing about photoshop is that it can do almost anything; this program has hundreds of features, tools, etc.

Paint Tool SAI - Really inexpensive (depends on exchange rate of Yen; just over ~$50 USD at time of writing) painting/drawing program that is actually quite robust. Not as feature-complete as Photoshop (and lacks textured brushes), but has actual blending and better overall brush handling. Great to work in, and like I mentioned, extremely inexpensive as far as these programs go.

ArtRage - I haven’t used this one but I’ve heard good things about it. On par with SAI for cost.

Mischeif - Ditto as above.

Paint.NET - Lightweight editor that is basically an advanced version of MSPaint. Good for if you only need to do a quick edit and don’t want to bother opening photoshop. Plus it’s free.

3d Programs

Sketchup - Great for making non-organic things, very simple and easy to use. My go-to modeling tool. Find yourself a decent .OBJ exporter/importer, too, so you can put that shit into the 3d prog of your choice.

DAZ Studio - Kind of like poser, but free. Bit wonky interface, but allows you to import models, pose figures, light and render a scene. Useful for laying out a complex scene or pose, as well as getting a good starting point for light/shadows. I use this all the time to make quick n’ dirty renders.

Other Art Tools

LazyNezumi - Tool for smoothing out your stroke inputs in Photoshop/whateverelse.

Tablet Pressure Curve Tool - Tool that helps you fine-tune the pressure sensitivity on your tablet.

Carapace - Tool for making perspective grids.

KGamut - Tool that lets you see the gamut of colors in a given image easily.

Art Resources

cgtextures - Tons of free-to-use high resolution textures. Only limitation is a download quota of 15mb per day.

colourpod - Color palettes galore.

Miscellaneous Stuff and Extras

Dropbox - Useful for backing the occasional thing up, but doesn’t have a ton of space unless you upgrade.

Onenote - Note-taking software similar to google docs but more robust and with a few more features. Great for brainstorming; you can also draw on the screen and edit with multiple users in real time (with a little lag).

Q10 - Bare-bones text editor. I like it for writing as it’s simple, fullscreen by default, has no frills, and has a few nice extra features.

LibreOffice / OpenOffice - MSWord/Excel/etc alternatives. Also free.

Flux - Program that automatically adjusts your screen’s display settings so that it’s more comfortable to view at night when no natural sunlight is around. Don’t forget to turn this off if you’re working in color (there’s even a few options for this in the program)!

Rainymood / Soundrown - Ambient background noise. Especially good if you’re tired of/don’t want to listen to music.

That’s p much most of what I can think of that I use on a regular basis.

GOOD STUFF, Thanks Tom!


Raster Image Editors
 (painting, drawing, editing)

Black Ink - pretty cheap, limited brushes, but great for sketching and getting ideas out. This program is unique in that it works in vector, meaning it can scale infinitely with no loss of line clarity or detail. It’s also available on Steam, which is pretty rad.

Manga Studio - you can now buy this suuuuuper cheap (I just got a copy on amazon for $17). This program is ESPECIALLY good for inking and linework and is a common tool among professional artists, particularly in comics.

ArtWeaver - Fairly inexpensive (I bought it for $35 about a year ago, it may have changed by now) and has a small community that makes addons (such as a sprite sheet maker!). It’s a program that focuses more on editing brushes and working painterly. It’s a little shaky with larger files and a bit buggy (like basically all cheaper art programs) but still pretty solid, while offering more features than other inexpensive options.

Corel Painter - like Artweaver, but more solid and stable with more features. It focuses on mimicking traditional media, not so great for photo editing. Pretty expensive at $300 or so, but you won’t be cutting off a leg like you would be with photoshop (at a cry-worthy $1000).

3d Programs

Blender - for those interested in modelling and building in 3d environments, Blender is free, powerful and has a MASSIVE community to learn and get help from. By no means is this baby’s first 3d program - it’s not particularly intuitive and you’ll probably need to start off with some tutorials, but there are hundreds out there, you’ll do fine.

Art Resources

Online figure drawing sessions:

Color palette and pattern inspiration resources:

Miscellaneous Stuff and Extras - similar to dropbox, with organizational and privacy tools as well, it operates solely over web browser, so there is no program to download. Offers 15 gb of storage space free. - make your own ambient sound mixes! Let them play for hours forever! 

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toad-king-studios said: It’s all about getting out and meeting people and showing them the value you bring with you! Connect on and off line!

Haha, other kind of networking

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